Dacia M Arnold-Award Winning Author



Where do I begin? At the best place, I guess, last year. I met Dacia Arnold through Chapter Buzz when she and I were both writing on our novels. We were, at the time, both doing the 10K Novel Writing Challenge, which in essence is, you write ten thousand words in a month. Sounds easier than what it is. But within the challenge, you could also read others’ stories and give feedback on them as well. I remember vaguely, her making a comments on mine. It was after-all, a year ago. I struggle to remember five minutes ago. There are several other things that can be done on that site like story prompts etc. and we both participated in those as well.

I don’t know her personally, as in, seen her face to face, as she lives a world away from me it seems , but we have gotten to know one another online and through her Facebook live videos. Let me tell you, she is getting things done! She is happily married and an awesome mom to two little ones. She is a ten year Army veteran having two tours of duty under her belt as a medic. She is so extremely humble. You can’t tell by looking at her or talking to her, that she reached Amazon #1 Bestseller back in November or that she has two of the coolest books out! When you talk to Dacia, it’s automatically like you’re talking to a friend.

I got her First Diazem Novella on black Friday.

Dacia was running a special on Amazon and I was able to download her book “Reactance” at that time. Even though my forte’ is romance and hers, Adult Dystopian and Dark Fiction, her style of writing sucked me in. I read the whole novella in a few days time; only interrupted by this thing we call life. But as soon as I could, I had my nose back in her book.  Reactance will suck you into it’s world and have you turning the pages as fast as you can to see what happens next.

Sasha Bowman, and eighteen year old high school senior whom is about to graduate, just a normal girl right-or is she? A gift was given to her. One she never asked for and one she probably wouldn’t keep if she could get rid of it. A dormant gene awakened in her and the consequences are catastrophic in this tale. Dacia’s novella can be found on Amazon.com.

I purchased Dacia’s other book Apparent Power this evening and can’t wait to jump into it! I know, coming from her, that it will be just as intriguing as Reactance. The sneak peak she offers you of Apparent Power at the end of Reactance, will make you rush out and get it. I can definitely recommend getting both books together.

She has other books that will be coming out next year within this trilogy. Shifting Power, is due to be released in 2019 and Releasing Power will be out in 2020.

I will take full responsibility for your Dacia Fever! Jump on the bandwagon. Join us in celebrating and supporting her books, her success, and most importantly- a Dream that she made come true!




About tdoran80

I'm a wife of nineteen years, a mother to three girls ages Twenty, Nineteen and Ten. I'm a fur mommy to two labs and three tabby cats and we also have a hamster named Frankie Jones. I graduated college in 07' with an associates degree majoring in computers with a minor in Criminal Justice. I have two children’s books published on Amazon and I am finished with my first Novel Desires of the Heart and getting it ready to be sent off to hopefully get published. Whilst doing that, I am also working on my second romance novel. I was just recently featured in Books and Buzz magazine, an literary online magazine! I love to write and use it as a way to express myself. I'm a Christian and I believe the Lord opened this door for me.
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